Forty to One is a small family-run business. We have been offering maple syrup for sale since 1990, when we first became members of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. Our customers tell us that our syrup is the best they've ever had. We're sure you'll agree.


Again, this year, we were only able to make about half of the syrup that we think makes a successful year. This area stayed frozen through most of February making it too cold for sap runs. Then the weather warmed so much in early March that the sap pretty much quit for a while. We have been reminded of an old sugarmaker’s saying that “In this business, we can have two or three bad seasons in a row, and still be anxious to get back into the woods in late Winter and early Spring.”


We stuck with it through late March and early April and were able to collect about 2600 gallons of sap, from which we made about 62 gallons of syrup. So, our inventory is very small this year and disappearing quickly to local customers. To avoid having orders that we cannot fill, we have not changed the “Sold Out” indications on our Order page.



We do have very small quantities of Amber and Dark syrup packaged and ready without getting into those few jugs that we always set aside as our personal stash. If you need only a small amount for yourself or for a special gift, please contact us at and we will do our best to provide it to you.



We are looking forward to another successful year in the Spring of 2022 and are hoping that it will be a full production year. In the meantime, stay well.


Updated April 2021



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